Upasana Singh to feature in Colors' Bani-Ishq Da Kalma!

Upasana Singh to feature in Colors' Bani-Ishq Da Kalma!
Slowly but steadily Color’s new show Bani-Ishq Da Kalma has started grabbing eye-balls all around the corner and in an attempt to maintain the viewership it has been throwing in some interesting tracks back-to-back.

Firstly, the major change that viewers will get to see is in Soham (Adhvik Mahajan). The man is now heartbroken after realizing that he has married Rajji (Neha Bagga) instead of the girl he loves (Bani, played by Shefali Sharma). And by these miss-match weddings major transformation has occurred in four lives making their lives more difficult. However the brides, Rajji and Bani, who are currently in shock, have been trying to cope up from the dismal in sake of family’s happiness.

However, in the upcoming episodes things will not come in silver plate for both, especially to Rajji as there are two new entries will make Rajji's life more difficult. According to the sources, the creative team has chalked out to install some interesting characters in her life. Veteran actress Upasana Singh, who is currently seen in Colors new show Comedy Night with Kapil, will entry in the show as Soham's Bua Adhvik Mahajan while actress Romana Shetty will play her daughter-in-law.

Upasana Singh confirmed, “Yes, I have been approached for the role but nothing has been finalized yet.”

Hope this new track with Upasana’s entry will nail the act!

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