Star Plus's Meri Bhabhi to witness some intense drama!

Star Plus's Meri Bhabhi to witness some intense drama!
Someone said it’s true that, a son is a son, till he gets a wife, but a daughter is a daughter all her life. And this saying has successfully been displayed by Star Plus’ new show Ek Nanad ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi….Meri Bhabhi.

In the current plot, the story is focusing on dearly loved daughter Shraddha, played by Kanchi Kaul, who is back in her father’s house after a troubled married life. And the entire family is now doing every possible thing to sort her life.

So far one could see that Zor (Kanwaljeet Singh) has been trying to find more about his daughter’s divided husband Bobby (Bharat Chawda). Now, he will finally got some information about Bobby. He will go to Bobby’s aunt’s place along with his wife Amrit (Supriya Pilgaongkar) and daughter-in-law Kittu (Esha Kansara) where they will be insulted and rebuked.

According to sources, “This will not go well with Anand (Vipul Gupta) who will feel that his sister warrants a better partner than Bobby. He is also of the belief that his family is wasting time in reconciling them. At the same time, he will also get miffed by Kittu and they will have their share of arguments and debates on the same. “

Esha Kansara said, “This is not something in line currently; it’s a farfetched thing. Right now, the audience should follow the efforts our family is taking for Shraddha, who wants to bring her life to normal once again.”

Meanwhile, it is also informed that a picnic will be arranged for Shraddha, where Bobby will suddenly give a call to Shraddha.

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