First romantic scene on cards for Life OK's Do Dil Ek Jaan!

First romantic scene on cards for Life OK's Do Dil Ek Jaan!
Based on a action romance story, where hero is a gangster and heroine is a simple Kashmiri girl, Life OK’ new show  Do Dil Ek Jaan is heading towards good numbers, thanks to the performances by young protagonists Ayaz Ahmed aka Raghu and Nikita Sharma aka Antara.

In one month’s run, the daily has shown various genres including action, emotion, fun and drama. Now, latest news is that in the coming episodes the show will feature its first romantic sequence between Raghu and Antara.  

Audience will see in the coming episodes that Antara will be attacked by goons, who are trying to abuse her. Some action sequence has been chalked by creatives here between goons and Raghu, who will enter in the scene in total Bollywood style and save Antara from being exploited. The innocent girl in fear will go to Raghu and hug him emotionally. The sequence will happen in rain.

Further as per the sources, both the young actors were nervous and uncomfortable while shooting the cosy sequence. Both had never performed any romantic sequence in the previous shows. A unit person from the sets also revealed that the shot was completed after a lot of briefing and encouragement from the crew and the director.

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