Amit Dolawat and Preet Kaur Madan to star in Haunted Nights!

Amit Dolawat and Preet Kaur Madan to star in Haunted Nights!
Entertainment Hub production Haunted Nights on Sahara One has always kept its audiences glued with their spooky tales. As the makers keep on getting known faces in their episodes to target larger eye balls, once again TV actors like Amit Dolawat, Preet Kaur Madan and Jitendra Tyagi have been roped in to feature in one of their upcoming episodes.

The episode is titled as Begunah and Amit Dolawat will see playing role of journalist Dhananjay, who is honest and innocent. He is on the edge of being fired from his job for not bringing spicy news and scandals. His life and personality takes a major change when he comes across the soul of an honest journalist who lost his life after being scandalized for no fault of his.

Amit said, “This is the story of an underdog turning into a hero. Also, this role is challenging as I play a journalist for the first time. I am glad that The Entertainment Hub always offers me brilliant stories. This is my third story for Haunted Nights. All I can say is that I have mastered the art of playing double roles and split personalities.”

Preet Kaur, last seen in Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein will play a greedy wife of the journalist. The episode will also see Madan Tyagi, Mohit Chauhan and Sudeep Sarangi in key roles.

The horror episodic will be aired on 15 July 2013.

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