Nimrit to get Karan kidnapped in Amrit Manthan!

Nimrit to get Karan kidnapped in Amrit Manthan!
Life OK's Amrit Manthan helmed by Director's Kut Productions always comes up with the unexpected twist for its viewers. As seen so far, it is known to Nimrit (Ankita Sharma) that Karan (Angad Hasija) has come to their life in order to seek revenge.

Nimrit has come to know that Karan is living under the fake the identity of Angad and is looking to destroy the Malik family as he holds Nimrit responsible for the death of his sister. However, he is not aware that it was Amrit (Adaa Khan) who was the person responsible for the turmoil. Now that Amrit is a changed soul, Nimrit will try hard to keep her away from facing any wrath of the same.

Meanwhile, Karan will come up with plan of marrying Nimrit and seeking his revenge this way. The family will agree to the same as they aren’t aware of Karan’s real intentions. Keeping in mind Nimrit is a widow, they would want her to start her life afresh. On the other end, Nimrit will try hard to avert the situation and for the same, she will even take the step of getting Karan kidnapped by hiring some goons.

Sources say that the goons will manage to abduct Karan on gun point. Angad Hasija said, “Karan is shown to be completely negative now, and he wants to marry Nimrit. There is quite a lot of drama in store for viewers, is what I will say. I am enjoying playing this full and full negative role.”

Will the wedding will take place or Nimrit will save herself from Karan? To know what happens next, keep following us on twitter!

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