Kuldeep Mallik to star in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai!

Kuldeep Mallik to star in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai!
Star Plus’s family show Pyaar Ka Dard Hai, helmed by Rajshri Production has consistently been throwing in high pitched drama and soon the entry of actor Kuldeep Mallik is expected to mark the beginning of another twist.

So far one could notice that Diwan family is going through trouble times as a mystery related to Nanaji's (Mukesh Khanna) past has come back to haunt him. Nananji is blamed for removing the medical support from his ill wife and protagonist Pakhuri (Disha Parmar) is trying to investigate the matter.

Now, latest report says Kuldeep Mallik will join the show as father of Sameer (Vijayendra Kumeria) the love interest of Preeti (Ashlesha Sawant) and his wife's role will be played Rajlaxmi (Nirmala). Kuldeep will be against Preeti and Sameer's relationship and his entry is expected to reveal some hidden secrets.

Seasoned actor Kuldeep Mallik had earlier worked with Rajshri Productions in Do Hanson Ka Jodaa. He confirmed his entry in Pyaar Ka saying, “Yes, I have been finalized to play a pivotal role. I do not have any information on the role and track though.”

It is also informed that Nirmala’s mystery being involved in the dark past of Nanaji will also be reveled soon.

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