Jay and Bhoomi will fail to complete first assignment on time in Sanskaar!

Jay and Bhoomi will fail to complete first assignment on time in Sanskaar!
Everything is going proper in Vaishnav family, as their clothing mill has started all over again and even they have cracked a big deal getting their first assignment of three thousand shirts. By this you may have guessed that we are talking about Colors new saga Sanskaar-Dharohar Apno Ki, which is helmed by Anahita and Cinemantra Productions.

So far you have noticed that Bhoomi’s cousin brother Paddy, essayed by Ram Kapoor has entered in Vaishnav residence. His angelic presence turned the entire family as if there is any festival to celebrate. He has even come out as a savior of their mill, when a dealer cancelled his assignment to Jay at the eleventh hour. Paddy offers Jay to give him three hundred shirts in three days, which he failed to get from any other dealer in India as he is unaware to Indian market.

In the coming episode, Jay and Bhoomi will be seen working hard in the mill to complete their first assignment on time. On the other hand, Amritlal (Arbaaz Khan) will be seen planning and plotting against them. In fact, he will also succeed in his plan of shutting the mill yet again.

“After learning that electricity bills of the mill have not been paid for a while, Amritlal will go ahead to complain it to the government officials. Thus, work in the mill will come to a grinding halt. Since, there will be no power supply in the mill, Jay and Bhoomi will be seen arranging for sewing machines to complete the work on time with the help of the workers. Luckily, they will manage to complete their assignment of sewing shirts on time. But, just a night before the delivery, rats will create havoc and destroy all 300 shirts,” informs source.

Let’s see how Bhoomi and Jay cope up with this tragedy?

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