Anamika to witness wedding of Jeet and Chhavi!

Anamika to witness wedding of Jeet and Chhavi!
After throwing in many ups and downs in plot, Sony TV’s horror show Anamika will see bringing a wedding sequence of its protagonist Jeet (Mudit Nayar) to its new entrant Chhavi (Shivani Surve).

One could notice in past few episodes that Jeet is totally mad in Anamika’s enchantment and has gone to confess his feeling for her. He proposed her and expressed that he is truly in love with her. Now in the coming episodes, viewers will get to see love at its peak.

If you get confused by these two different gestures of Jeet’s life, where on one hand he loves Anamika and other side he is getting married to Chhavi? Well, you do witness the confusion packed in the coming episodes of Anamika, where Jeet-Anamika are taking centre-stage, along with Chhavi from next week.   

According to sources, there is a twist in the tale that awaits viewers. The story further will focus on the wedding of Jeet and Chhavi. Jeet’s family is very keen to let Chhavi fill Rano’s place in their lives, and Chhavi will eventually give her acceptance to the alliance.

When sources got in touch with Mahesh Pandey, the producer of the show, who gave away some clues about the wedding, said that the story will now head towards the wedding preparations, and a lot of drama is on cards.

“Anamika is a thriller with a very tight storyline, and in every episode the story gives a new twist to the tale. The audience has to just sit and wait to enjoy this roller coaster ride.”

Only time will tell whether Anamika will succeed or not in getting her love this time around.

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