Adaa Khan and Ankita Sharma are at tiff!

Adaa Khan and Ankita Sharma are at tiff!
Misunderstanding can overpower any healthy relation and this is being presently witnessed in the relation amidst the female leads of Rajan Shahi's Amrit Manthan on Life OK.

Sources say that the leading ladies of the show, Adaa Khan aka Amrit and Ankita Sharma aka Nimrit, who play the loving sisters on screen, are not even in talking terms off-screen. The tension amidst them is so high that they don’t even exchange pleasantries. As per sources, “The actresses don't even exchange "smiles" when they pass by. The reason is well known by the two as the scene wasn't that bad initially when they both started shooting."

"However, since past few months, some issue cropped between the two which has resulted in this tiff," added source. When Adaa was contacted, she confirmed the same saying, "We do not talk to each other." When asked about the reason, the actress laughed and said, "Even I don't know the reason."

Well, we hope that the tension between two eases out soon!

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