Chandni Bhagwanani talks about her 20th birthday!

Chandni Bhagwanani talks about her 20th birthday!
Actor Chandni Bhagwanani recently brought in her 20th birthday and this one turned to be the best so far.

Chandni, who plays the sweet Amita in Sony TV’s Amita Ka Amit, feels that this was one of her best birthday parties she had in the recent past. "It was a working birthday for me, so I was on the sets till 9 pm. After that I went out with Nishad (Amit) from our show. He took me to his place where his mother had prepared special delicacies for me. I was really touched by her sweet gesture," she said.

She added that the surprise did not end there as, "I realized Nishad was intentionally delaying dropping me home. I started wondering why. Finally when he dropped me, I realized the reason."

Chandni's parents had arranged for a surprise birthday party for her at home and when they reached home she was welcomed by her parents and close friends. "I was completely floored. I will never forget the initiative my parents took," she added. Chandni was offered many gifts including chocolates, flowers and a brand new phone from her parents.

And when asked about the birthday resolution, she said, "Well, I just hope that I lose some weight before my next birthday."

Well, we hope the wish comes true!

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