Roopal Tyagi gets offers from Kannada film industry!

Roopal Tyagi gets offers from Kannada film industry!
TV actress Roopal Tyagi is enjoying success and fame playing Gunjan in Zee TV's daily soap Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke, which is the top rated show on the channel and has been ruling the roost.

Her character of Gunjan has earned big popularity and seems that this is what has now helped her seek recognition down south as well. It has been heard from sources that she has been poured with several meaty offers from the Kannada film industry

Speaking of it, Roopal said, "My father has few contacts in Kannada Film Industry and one of the makers offered me a role opposite Puru Raj Kumar who is a huge star there. My parent's kept asking me to take up the project as they stay in South and they wanted me to work there so that I can spend some quality time with them".

Roopal, who even enjoyed her stint as a successful choreographer was always fond of acting and says that she is in a happy zone now, "I am working 24/7 in a month that too staying alone and taking care of everything. It is a little troublesome job for me but I am enjoying my work and have no regrets. Right now I am happy and content but yes in future I might do a Kannada movie as I am from Bangalore and I owe a lot to the city".

Wish you good luck Roopal!

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