Jiten Lalwani joins the team of Dil Dostii Dance!

Jiten Lalwani joins the team of Dil Dostii Dance!
Jiten Lalwani joins the team of Dil Dostii Dance!
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1 hour ago
Channel [V]’s Dil Dostii Dance, produced by Cinevistaas Ltd is completely a youth centric show and so far it has only seen the youth brigade taking the centre stage.

But guess it’s time for some changes to be incorporated in the show as soon one will see the entry of Swayam’s (Shantanu Maheshwari) father. To justify the character, makers have got in seasoned actor, Jiten Lalwani.

He will be seen as Mr. Shekhawat, who comes from the old school of ideology and is unable to deal with the fact that his son has chosen dance as a profession. Mr. Shekhawat doesn’t approve of this and feels that dance is a manly profession and thus can never be a good career option. He will be shown as an aggressive father who wants his son to listen to every word that he says. He has seen life and has been in the top of posts, and wants his son too to have a great career. While Swayam on the other end has his own dreams and ambitions in life!

It will be seen that because of the difference in opinion, Swayam and his father share a distance while Taani (Vrinda Dawda) is very close to her tauji, Mr. Shekhawat. The story from now on will revolve around the clash in ideologies with regards to both the generations, and how this affects Sharon (Vrushika Mehta) and Rey (Kunwar Amarjeet Singh) too.

Jiten Lalwani said, "Yes, it is true that I am entering Dil Dostii Dance. The show has a unique flavor and my character brings in a conflict of thoughts between the young and older generations."

Let’s see what twists he brings in now!

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