Chhanchhan was very sudden and unexpected, says Dheeraj Miglani!

Chhanchhan was very sudden and unexpected, says Dheeraj Miglani!
Hailing from Punjab, Dheeraj Miglani is currently enthralling masses with his captivating funny stints inSony TV’s new show Chhanchhan, which stars popular actress Sanaya Irani opposite new actorFarhan Khan in lead roles.

During a conversation with sources, Dheeraj got candid and said a lot about how he bagged the show and what his role is about. He said, “Chhanchhan was very sudden. I was doing Jai Jag Janani Maa Durga in Baroda and I got a call but since I was very busy I didn't pay much attention to it. When I reached Mumbai I got a call again for an audition and after 2 days I got a call that I was selected. It was a pleasant shock, as I didn't think much about the audition. It was very sudden and unexpected, so it was a different experience.”

The young actor also played a scene of Sant Ram Kotwal in Jamuna Paar. But here in Chhanchhan, he plays vital character of Himanshu. When sources asked him to divulge about his role, he said, “Himanshu is a very lively and funny character, he is a very happy go lucky guy. He never gets affected with what Umaben says, because he is very innocent so even when he is being taunted he feels like someone is caring for him. Himanshu is a very loving character, and as seen he even quickly falls in love with a girl.”

Keep up your good work Dheeraj!

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