Monkey man to kidnap Bhavesh and Mamu T in R K Laxman Ki Duniya

Atul Parchure and Sanjay Wadekar

In the month of February 2012, Mumbai got gripped with fear after the news flashed of some monkey man killing children and raping women. Though the cops rubbished everything as a “hoax” but fear still looms large in the hearts of Mumbaites residing in the suburban areas of the city. Now SAB TV’s show R K Laxman Ki Duniya, which deals with the issues in the life of a common man, is all set to incorporate the “monkey man” episode in the story plot, but in a humorous vein.

“A monkey man will attack Nutan Sahkari Colony and scare its residents. He will be eight feet tall and will go around kidnapping people. The upcoming episodes will be funny with a tinge of suspense,” shared a source.

And guess who will get kidnapped in R K Laxman…? None other than Bhavesh (played by Atul Parchure) and Mamu T (Sanjay Wadekar).

We talked to Vandana Pathak, who is seen as Bhavesh’s wife, and she said, “Bhavesh will go missing and later everyone will realise that monkey man has kidnapped him.”

We also talked to Atul who shared, “I and Mamu T will get kidnapped. Monkey man will take us to a jungle. But at the end we will manage to run away from his clutches.”

The shooting for the particular sequence is currently on and tonight’s (20 March 2012) episode will mark the entry of monkey man.

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