Hello every one,

Wiki is starting a new Concept where every one can Earn $$$ yes it is TRUE.


1. Every day we will provide you a link based on your interest of subject, like : Top 10 Tech Gifts for your mom on Mother's Day

2. You need to share the link by using any of your sources (Like Facebook, Email, Other Forums....)

3. End of the Day, we will check total Page views and based on that you can earn $$$. (Weekly once Payment will be transferring to your Bank a/c)

for every 1000 page-views : $1
Example 1: for one day total page views are 600 then 1*600/1000 = $0.6 
Example 2: for one day total page views are 25000 then 1*25000/1000 = $25

To start Please reach us : info@wikinewforum.com ***NO Hidden rules & NO Condition applies

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